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Saying ‘no’ to sex: a woman’s right

05/04/2004 | Jennifer Bakyawa

The Ugandan government wants everyone to ‘Abstain, Be faithful and use Condoms’. But this message can't get far when thousands of wives are being infected with HIV/AIDS by their husbands.

‘Ekimeeza’ brings debate into the open

12/09/2003 | Panos London

In Uganda, 'Ekimeeza' are hugely popular talkshows broadcast live from a venue where up to 400 people gather to take part. Christine Otieno goes to one covering Big Brother Africa.  

Mobile phones sound a hollow ring for rural Ugandans

10/22/2003 | Sharon Lamwaka

Uganda is often projected as a model for poor countries that want to use telecommunications to speed up their economic development. But the success story sounds hollow in Uganda's villages.

No way out for Uganda’s ‘chronically poor’?

06/21/2003 | Panos London

Emerging from years of civil war, Uganda is often praised for its poverty reduction plan. But the poorest of the poor, especially landless women, remain untouched and ignored.

Schooling that’s free but not easy

02/22/2002 | Panos London

The Ugandan government’s universal secondary education programme is part of its poverty reduction strategy. But is its Education Standards Agency equipped to handle the upsurge in students?

Young and old among the Lango

12/08/2001 | Panos London

In Uganda, young and old men used to meet before hunting sessions. Today, hunting is dying out, but men still meet to discuss manhood – and the dangers of AIDS. 

Godwin Muhwezi-Bonge

01/01/2001 | Panos London

Godwin Muhwezi-Bonge is a Ugandan journalist with interest in business, environment, and development.

Salome Alweny

01/01/2001 | Panos London

Salome is a reporter at Monitor Publications Limited in Uganda.

Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda

01/01/2001 | Panos London

Ssemuju is a political reporter based in Kampala, Uganda.

Machrine Birungi

01/01/2001 | Panos London

Machrine is a deputy editor at the Uganda Radio Network.

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