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Living with HIV in Africa: personal stories

07/23/2012 | Lilly Peel

Aliness Munyanta is HIV positive but her daughter is not, thanks to drugs that help prevent mother to child transmission - Richard Mulonga | Panos London

What does it mean to live with HIV and AIDS in the developing world? With the International AIDS Conference in full swing this week, we have put together a collection of stories and first-person accounts from courageous men and women in Africa who are tackling their HIV status.

The human cost of displacement

05/14/2012 | Olivia Bennett

Lipholo Bosielo, one of the narrators in the Molika-liko valley - Kitty Warnock | Panos London

Olivia Bennett talks about her recent pubication, Displaced: The Human Cost of Development and Resettlement, based on learning and oral testimonies from a Panos London project.

ARV treatment can work miracles

12/24/2011 | Zarina Geloo

Aliness Munyanta and her 20-month-old daughter in Lusaka - Zarina Geloo | Panos London

Aliness Munyanta speaks to us about how Anti RetroViral treatment helped her to conceive a beautiful baby girl after losing two children to AIDS.

Reporting TB research effectively can challenge stigma

07/21/2011 | Panos London

This case study describes how media coverage of tuberculosis in Zambia benefited from better working relationships between journalists and health researchers. In it the Relay programme recommends ways for research organisations and journalists to overcome their professional differences in order to counteract stigma and to improve the quality of health reporting in developing countries.

Reporting health research

07/19/2011 | Tania

This case study shares recommendations and details the lessons learned during a communications project to improve media reporting on tuberculosis (TB) in Zambia.

Reporting TB research in Zambia

01/20/2011 | Panos London

RELAY worked with TARGETS Research Consortium on TB to improve research informed media coverage and debate on the issue. The project included: A literature review and media on reporting TB, Sorting fact from fiction: Improving media reporting on TB, September 2008. Alongside three print and three radio featuers no TB issues and research. A two-day…

Reporting research: using evidence for effective journalism

11/13/2010 | Panos London

Overview Researchers working for universities, governments or private companies are doing vital investigation into issues – such as clean water, food security and sexual health – that directly affect the everyday life of people around the world. However they often communicate the results only to other researchers. Research findings can create powerful stories for news…

Zambia: Farming revolution

01/12/2010 | Arnold Tutu

Zambia is pumping money into the commercial farming sector in the hope of turning around its economy. With overseas investors being invited to run farms on prime agricultural land, can smaller Zambian farmers hope to compete?

Stories to tell, stories to hear

12/02/2009 | Panos London

This video explores, and explains, the process of oral testimony, and why it’s an essential aspect of poverty reduction.

Bust follows boom for Zambia’s mines

02/24/2009 | Samba Yonga

As the global downturn bites, Zambia's copper industry is shedding thousands of jobs. It's a bitter blow for workers who enjoyed a short boom after years of hardship but now fear destitution.

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