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Forgotten contraceptive life-saver for African women

06/25/2003 | Panos London

The AIDS epidemic in Africa is worsened by male attitudes to safe sex, reflected in their reluctance to use condoms. Women may have to do it for themselves – using diaphragms.

‘Rushed’ reforms leaves blacks with land – but little else

05/30/2003 | Panos London

Zimbabwe's land reforms were begun with good intentions – to benefit poor black farmers. They not only became mired in nepotism, but now look to have been poorly implemented too.

Landless women

09/11/2002 | Panos London

In Zimbabwe's controversial land redistribution programme, women still have no rights. Emmanuel Koro meets some female farmers campaigning for change. 

Fancy a drink?

05/03/2001 | Panos London

Young people worldwide are choosing to drink more alcohol, more often and at a younger age. But this can also bring social problems. Teenagers from Zimbabwe talk to Nomsa Mwamuka. 

Henry Makiwa

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Dumisani Ndlela

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Dumisani Ndlela is a Zimbabwean reporter specialising in business and economic affairs.

Sue Njanji Matetakufa

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Gumisai Mutume

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Gumisai Mutume is a Zimbabwean who writes for the New York-based United Nations publication Africa Renewal.

Kudzai Chingarande

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Phyllis Kachere

01/01/2001 | Anna Egan

Phyllis Kachere is deputy news editor at the The Sunday Mail in Zimbabwe, which she joined in 2001 as a junior reporter and later served as senior reporter before reaching her present position. She began her mainstream media career as an HIV/AIDS junior reporter in the late 1990s. For Phyllis, after losing two sisters to…

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