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The hidden side of China’s miracle economy

Produced by Panos Pictures and with photographs by Ian Teh, this is a journey into some of China's most industrialised cities; a journey to the other side of the bright shiny facade of China's economy. It offers a glimpse of another life and another world that is rarely seen.

China's economy is still growing despite the global recession but behind the scenes of this burgeoning economy is an industrial revolution powered by the cheap labour that is helping to build and sustain the economy. Coal and labour are the raw materials for this industrial revolution, but it comes at a heavy price for the country's environment and its people's health.

China has now overtaken the US as the biggest producer of carbon dioxide (though the US remains the highest emitter per head), and China's emission levels will increase anxiety about its role in driving man-made global warming adding to pressure on the world's politicians to reach an agreement on climate change that includes the Chinese economy.

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