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Food security

“Meat and soda – that’s all we want for Christmas”

12/23/2010 | Machrine Birungi

Machrine Birungi offers a tour of the financial problems that are effecting ordinary Ugandans as they prepare for Christmas this year. From the price of soda, meat and vegetables it may be a smaller celebration for many in 2010 as their shillings drop in value on the global market.

Ethiopian inequality will widen says climate report

06/14/2010 | Tania Ghosh

A new study predicts the effects of climate change will reduce Ethiopia's economic growth and widen the gap between the country's poorest and richest people by 20 per cent.

Limpopo goes hungry as climate change bites

06/11/2010 | Panos London

It has barely rained for nearly six months, last season’s scant corn harvest is exhausted and children face hunger. The people in Limpopo’s Sekhukhune district in South Africa are now putting their hope in God and government handouts.

Uganda: Wetlands dry up as rice demand soars

06/02/2010 | Emmanuel Okella

Uganda's wetlands have provided drainage and prevented flooding during rainy seasons for centuries. But rice is rapidly replacing traditional crops, and becoming an environmental liability in the process.

Did state politics shelve the GM aubergine?

02/17/2010 | Pierre Fitter

Last week India halted the commercial release of the world’s first genetically modified aubergine, or brinjal as it is known locally. While public interest has been hailed as the reason for sending the vegetable into cold storage, Pierre Fitter says it’s all about state politics.

Zambia: Farming revolution

01/12/2010 | Arnold Tutu

Zambia is pumping money into the commercial farming sector in the hope of turning around its economy. With overseas investors being invited to run farms on prime agricultural land, can smaller Zambian farmers hope to compete?

Colombia’s Indian communities join forces to beat drought

12/17/2009 | Maria Valencia

Colombia's indigenous peoples are working together to create an adaptation plan against climate change, which will bring together their own traditional knowledge with outside help from other agencies.

Burundi’s peace depends on land

12/14/2009 | Tania Ghosh

For the past four decades, Burundi has been plagued by civil wars but since a 2000 peace treaty refugees have been returning. But, researchers claim, land ownership issues among those returning to Burundi could fuel renewed conflict in the region if they are not adequately resolved.

From famine to feast

08/17/2009 | Anna Majavu

No more hunger, plentiful cheap food and small scale farmers living off the fat of the land. African activists say a continent self-sufficient in food is well within reach. But will this vision create long term problems for the continent's poorest farmers?

Communicating climate change

06/24/2009 | Panos London

Climate change is happening now and the effects are being felt worldwide but whether people have information to help them understand it depends on where they live.

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