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A women’s fund in Mali

11/21/2011 | Kaidia Samaké

A note on the wall of a local restaurant in Mali. Women have a hard time getting credit, so housewives have formed an association to provide loans for women - Sven Torfinn | Panos

An association of housewives from Gwelekoro all pay a small amount each week. The money can be given as small loans for women in Mali, where it can be difficult for women to get loans or funding.

Cheating agents cut out of cotton deals

09/07/2011 | Orton Kiishweko

A farmer admires his cotton fields that have been supported by contract farming.

Being cheated by agents – middlemen who buy farmers’ cotton and sell it on to ginneries, where cotton is processed into lint for export – is one of the many hardships of being a cotton farmer in Tanzania.

Video: a reformed drug dealer speaks

08/30/2011 | Tia Dag

Casa do Zezinho provides children in one of São Paulo's favelas with a safe place to learn and play

Brazilian journalist, Ana Aranha, has produced a video blog in which Tia Dag, director of the Brazilian NGO and school, Casa do Zezinho, interviews one of her ex students, known as Nene.

Brazil: women builders construct new lives

08/08/2011 | Ana Aranha

Sandra Ferreira de Souza sieves piles of earth which she will use for making bricks

A group of women in Brazil have learned the basics of the building trade, thanks to Lua Nova, a non-profit organisation that helps pregnant women facing high-risk situations such as homelessness, drug addiction and domestic violence.

The dark side of development

07/15/2011 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

Campaigners say hydro-electric dams on Loktak Lake threaten the social and environmental stability of the region / Sanjit Das - Panos Pictures

New technology, training and education are ways in which development can better our lives. Yet, we are also compelled to question what so-called development is costing us.

Tamil Nadu’s shrinking islets spell sea change

06/10/2011 | Gokul Chandrasekar

A fisherman in Tamil Nadu returns to shore with his Kattumaram raft and a net bursting with fish

A network of tiny islands in Tamil Nadu is shrinking due to a rise in sea water in the estuary. Experts fear the impact of a rise in sea levels on India’s coasts yet CCMP fellow Gokul Chandrasekar finds the Indian government has no regulation for the impact of climate change on the coastline.

All together now: oral testimony, theatre, media, debate

06/07/2011 | Panos London

This case study explores how communication activities helped a marginalised community in Pakistan to speak out against the pollution ruining their lives.

Uzbekistan: trees help restore degraded land

05/24/2011 | Komila Nabiyeva

A row of rusting trawlers lie abandoned on the former shore of the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan.

A project in the Aral Sea region of Uzbekistan is encouraging farmers to reclaim degraded, marginal cropland by planting trees.

Preparing for glacier disaster

05/11/2011 | Rina Saeed Khan

Rina Saeed Khan explores a climate change project designed to protect Pakistani mountain villages from glacier collapse.

Soap opera to tackle climate change

04/06/2011 | Andrea Downer

The producers of the Caribbean’s first radio soap opera to address climate change know a thing or two about extreme weather. Recording for the pilot series of My Island, My Community had to be put on hold after Hurricane Tomas destroyed their offices in St Lucia in November.

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