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Media and governance: what the academics say

07/26/2012 | Mary Myers

Two men read newspapers on the street of Lagos, Nigeria, on the day of presidential elections - Jacob Silberberg | Panos Pictures

Is there a link between the media and good governance? Development communications consultant and Panos London governing board trustee, Mary Myers, gives us a who’s who line-up of academics whose work gets to the heart of the matter.

Reframing Africa’s story

06/22/2012 | Tim Williams

Panos London’s senior media advisor took part in a debate on the African Diaspora media. Panellists and the audience discussed the role the African Diaspora media has to play in challenging the traditional narrative of Africa as a place of war, poverty and hunger.

Mali rebellion stirs fear in rural villages

05/28/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

Armed Tuareg man herding sheep in this remote and insecure area north of Gao - Crispin Hughes | Panos Pictures

As rebel groups in Mali combine to announce an independent Sharia state after the recent Northern coup, Kaidia voices her fears about her future in the south of Mali.

Radio keeps us informed through the drought

02/29/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

Dogon women listening to the radio as they work, Mali - Rhodri Jones | Panos Pictures

With the worsening food shortage in Mali, Kaidia tells us how local radio is sharing valuable information with rural communities.

Empowerment radio: voices building a community

02/13/2012 | Panos London

Empowerment Radio by Birgitte Jallov

Birgitte Jallov talks about her new book, Empowerment Radio, and the potential for community radio to make a powerful, positive change for communities.

13th February: what’s in a date?

02/13/2012 | Tim Williams

The location of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris - Tim Williams | Panos London

Tim Williams had the pleasure of voting through the proposal for World Radio Day at the UNESCO general conference. But who would have guessed that establishing a date would be such a diplomatic minefield?

P is for G-nut and other schoolgirl errors

02/13/2012 | Anna Egan

DJ's Cato Lubwama (left) and Abbey Mukiidi announce the names on new born babies on the Kalisoliso early morning radio show, in Kampala, Uganda. Kalisoliso, meaning 'poke you nose', is one of the most popular radio shows in Uganda, with some 6 to 7 million listeners, and actively promotes high fertility rates, mainly among the Buganda tribe - Andrew McConnell | Panos Pictures

Anna Egan gets a lesson in speaking the language of the listeners at a radio station in Uganda.

Tax research on primetime Ugandan radio

08/03/2011 | Tania Ghosh

Tax and governance issues hit primetime airways in Uganda as a result of a workshop bringing journalists and researchers together.

Soap opera to tackle climate change

04/06/2011 | Andrea Downer

The producers of the Caribbean’s first radio soap opera to address climate change know a thing or two about extreme weather. Recording for the pilot series of My Island, My Community had to be put on hold after Hurricane Tomas destroyed their offices in St Lucia in November.

Wave power: Radio and the MDGs

01/16/2011 | Panos London

Wave Power showcases four community radio projects helping to tackle the Millennium Development Goals in developing countries

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