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Competition: win a trip to COP18

09/28/2012 | Lilly Peel

Do you have a story to tell about climate change? Would you like to attend the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 18) in Doha, Qatar, to cover the events for TerrAfrica Green Radio? If the answer is yes, then read on!

Kashmir ‘paradise’ runs out of water

04/11/2012 | Faisal Raza Khan

A beautiful living stream - Faisal Raza Khan | Panos London

The Kashmir mountains are a beautiful setting, but the impacts of climate change are beginning to be felt as the water seems to be drying up.

Trials of tending the women’s garden

01/16/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

A girl carries water on her head in the village of Intedeyne, Mali - Ami Vitale | Panos Pictures

Kaidia speaks about how her community has dealt with rain shortages and drought over recent years.

School’s irrigation is fighting hepatitis

01/11/2012 | Maimoona Shahzadi

Constructed wetland for bioremediation - Rina Saeed Khan | Panos London

The stagnant pool of water would last for days and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It was especially hazardous for the younger children and older guardians who came to drop and pick up the children. There had been instances when they would fall into the dirty water.

Uzbekistan: trees help restore degraded land

05/24/2011 | Komila Nabiyeva

A row of rusting trawlers lie abandoned on the former shore of the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan.

A project in the Aral Sea region of Uzbekistan is encouraging farmers to reclaim degraded, marginal cropland by planting trees.

Limpopo goes hungry as climate change bites

06/11/2010 | Panos London

It has barely rained for nearly six months, last season’s scant corn harvest is exhausted and children face hunger. The people in Limpopo’s Sekhukhune district in South Africa are now putting their hope in God and government handouts.

Experts in climate disaster

04/11/2008 | Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda

Last year's devastating floods caught Uganda off guard. Is the country prepared for future weather-related disasters?

Mozambique gets its message across

04/11/2008 | Charles Mangwiro

Disaster strikes Mozambique on a regular basis but the country's investment in communication has saved lives.

Flooding: a tale of rich and poor worlds

04/11/2008 | Natalia Viana

Mozambique is one of the world's poorest countries, the UK is one of the richest. Both are struggling to respond to a changing climate.

Water everywhere but not enough to drink

04/11/2008 | Moslem Uddin Ahmed

Drinking water in Bangladesh is often full of salt as rising sea levels force water further inland. Expensive technology offers solutions but who will foot the bill?

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