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Oral testimonies

Displaced for development

Internally displaced pastoralist with his children at a village in Wajir District, Kenya - Panos London

Every year millions of people are displaced by large-scale development projects such as roads, dams, and coalmines. Many never regain their former quality of life, and pay the price of social and cultural disruption as well as economic upheaval. Read more about the methodology for this project, Voice Read more about the book: bringing the…

Survival strategies

In southern Madagascar environmental change is pushing poor people even closer to the margins of survival. Two indigenous communities, the Antandroy and Antanosy share the experience of this environment through their own films and life stories, providing an insight into the realities of rural poverty and the coping strategies they have developed.

Pushed to the edge

These life stories are from the Anosy region of southern Madagascar. In their own words, the indigenous people of Anosy, the Antanosy, describe their lives in the face of climate change, food insecurity and rapid development due to mining.

Living with poverty: Mozambique

These testimonies are a powerful reminder of the human indignities that lie at the heart of poverty and why effective approaches to poverty reduction matter. The stories bring to life the reality of poverty and its daily oppressions.

Living with poverty: Kenya

Men and women describe a daily struggle against poor infrastructure, political indifference and inequality – not just of resources but also opportunity.

Living with poverty: Pakistan

These accounts cover many aspects of poverty, but all convey a powerful sense of exclusion and marginalisation.

Living with poverty: Zambia

These testimonies highlight the human and economic costs of the HIV epidemic, and the ways in which it can be both cause and consequence of poverty.

Desert voices: Sudan

The testimonies from Sudan leave you in no doubt of the devastation brought by desertification. The loss of their animals and dramatic decline in crops has left whole villages dependant on migrant labour.

Desert voices: Ethiopia

Through stories, songs and memories, these narrators talk about the sharp contrast between past and present. Concerns include conflict, deforestation, a decline in pastoralism, and the impact of agriculture.

Speaking freely on HIV

These testimonies were gathered from members of HIV social movements in South Africa and Namibia. They highlight the powerful role social movements can play in tackling HIV and AIDS – helping to connect people and bring about inclusive social change.

Gain new insights by viewing the life stories, oral testimonies, participatory videos and personal accounts of people living at the sharp end of development