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The partners

The Andrew Lees Trust

The Andrew Lees Trust is coordinating all project activities in Madagascar with support from Panos London. ALT aims to empower local communities to increase their self-sufficiency and reduce the effects of extreme poverty through the development and implementation of social and environmental education projects. A rural radio project addresses the information and education needs of local populations in the south. A drought mitigation project develops skills and improves food security in the drought-affected areas of the Androy region by planting fruit trees and introducing drought-resistant varieties of sorghum

“This project has brought new communications techniques to indigenous people in southern Madagascar.  Never before have Antandroy and Antanosy people been asked to express publicly through the media their views about development, their lives and concerns. In this respect the project has pioneered a new method for ALT to meet communication gaps that exist not just in the south of Madagascar, but across the island.” Yvonne Orengo, Director, Andrew Lees Trust

Living Lens

Living Lens facilitated the video training and production in Madagascar and edited the short films presented on the Panos London website. Living Lens uses video to generate new channels of communication between individuals, groups and communities. It supports project participants to develop creative films exploring issues relevant to their lives.

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

The project is funded by IFAD. IFAD was created 30 years ago to tackle rural poverty. Since 1978, IFAD has invested more than US$10 billion in low-interest loans and grants that have helped over 300 million very poor rural women and men increase their incomes and provide for their families. IFAD is an international financial institution and a specialised United Nations agency. It is a global partnership of OECD, OPEC and other developing countries. Today, IFAD supports more than 200 programmes and projects in 81 developing countries and one territory.

“IFAD is working with the government of Madagascar to eradicate rural poverty through a number of large integrated rural development projects (IFAD in Madagascar).  We believe the needs and initiatives of the rural poor must be voiced – and heard – locally and globally so that their views can inform development strategies such as the Madagascar Action Plan.  These films and life stories will contribute to increasing international awareness of poverty and climate change in Madagascar through the voices and experiences of the rural poor themselves.”
Benoit Thierry, Country Programme Manager, IFAD


The partners is a key theme of the Survival strategies oral testimony project.


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Randriamahefa: we depend on the sea

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Robin: peanuts and sorghum

Marivelo: survival is a balancing act

Key themes

Key themes


The project

The partners