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Panos London promotes and supports effective public dialogue to inform better decision-making.

The free and open exchange of ideas and experiences between all the different individuals and groups affected by an issue is vital to increased understanding, better decision making and greater accountability. We work with our partners to create inclusive spaces for dialogue and discussion at local, national and international levels: from rural women’s clubs to international policy roundtables, or from public meetings to online networks.

  • In the coming years we will be increasing the number, range and quality of methods of dialogue we support
  • We will build in-house expertise, and a network of practitioners, in our focus countries who can implement this range of approaches
  • We advocate for the central role of inclusive dialogue in development.

Latest updates

Reframing Africa’s story

Panos London’s senior media advisor took part in a debate on the African Diaspora media. Panellists and the audience discussed the role the African Diaspora media has to play in challenging the traditional narrative of Africa as a place of war, poverty and hunger.

Improving healthcare for the seldom heard

Beyond Consultation - Andrew Testa | Panos London

This week the NHS Confederation debates how to include marginalised voices in improving services, with help from Panos London’s Clodagh Miskelly.

HIV, discrimination and Islam

Siphiwe Hlophe, founder of Swaziland Positive Living, stands next to a giant elevated ribbon, made with over 6,000 red flowers representing the number of people that die every day of AIDS related illnesses - Steve Forrest | Panos Pictures

One woman living with HIV talks about the importance of her faith in living with her condition and the challenges of tackling stigma and discrimination amongst Muslims.

‘I was born a Leo’

I was born a Leo - Panos London

An interview and photography slideshow looking at one woman’s experience about trying to find work while living with HIV. She describes the feeling of vulnerability that she encounters, even in such innocuous situations as taking a bus ride.

Discrimination at the clinic

Tell us about the first time you went to get tested - Panos London

A young African gay man talks about what happens when you go to get tested for HIV. He challenges the appropriateness of some of the questions he finds discriminatory and can stop African men from getting tested.

HIV: passing the test word around London

Siphiwe Hlophe, founder of Swaziland Positive Living, stands next to a giant elevated ribbon, made with over 6,000 red flowers representing the number of people that die every day of AIDS related illnesses - Steve Forrest | Panos Pictures

Richard Kavuma visits with the Naz Project London and learns more about some of the obstacles faced when trying to raise awareness, understanding and prudence about HIV.

Talking and listening together to make healthcare better

Discussing healthcare in a Beyond Consultation workshop - Andrew Testa | Panos London

Panos London, working with Naz Project London, is pleased to announce a new publication – Beyond Consultation: a guide for health commissioners.

Posters & stories from Beyond Consultation

A Beyond Consultation workshop, London, 25 Jan 2012 - Andrew Testa | Panos London

During the Beyond Consultation project participants from an African women’s group and a group for young African men who have sex with men produced some materials intended to communicate their views, concerns and priorities to NHS staff from sexual health and HIV services. These posters and short audio and video clips were intended as conversation…

Earth summit’s special correspondent

Langston James Goree VI - photo courtesy of IISD

Langston James “Kimo” Goree VI, Director of IISD Reporting Services, talked to Tim Williams about the International Institute for Sustainable Development, communication technology and what room there is for marginalised voices in this forum.

What would you like to ask Bhan?

Ask Bhan your questions about the life of a social activist in India.

Reflections on Durban

Panos Caribbean; London and South Africa all represented at the COP.From left to right Indi McLymont- Lafayette; Tim Williams and Vusumuzi Sifile - Tim Williams | Panos London

Tim looks back at CoP17, working with the Climate Change Media Partnership, and offers a critique of the communications process underpinning the conference.

Understanding HIV stigma in Swaziland

Discussing ideas at the Oral Testimony Workshop - Siobhan Warrington | Panos London

“I am alive because I went to test otherwise I would be dead… People think because I am HIV positive, that is the problem. But really the problem is not knowing your HIV status.” These are the words of Khetsiwe, a 43 year-old single mother from Elangeni in Swaziland. Her experiences were being recorded by…

Sharing research communication skills in Portugal

Clube de Journalistas - Annie Hoban | Panos London

“I shared insights, from the experience of the Relay programme, about working with researchers and the media to build relationships and communication skills to reach the wider public through media coverage.”

All together now: oral testimony, theatre, media, debate

This case study explores how communication activities helped a marginalised community in Pakistan to speak out against the pollution ruining their lives.

Dams and development

The topic guide considers areas of potential conflict between countries, concerns over policy guidelines regarding dam building and the socio-economic impact of displacement.

Uganda’s elections: a game of football?

Richard M Kavuma offers a compelling insight into the Ugandan election campaign of February 2011, which Yoweri Museveni won by 68% of the vote, asking whether the best team is going to win, or whether it’s simply a case of the match being rigged.

Political corruption haunts Ugandan election

As millions of Ugandans head to voting booths today, Friday February 18th, the country’s main opposition leader has warned there could be a mass uprising, similar to that in Egypt and across the Middle East, if the poll is rigged.

Reporting tax research

This case study describes some of the methods and activities developed by the RELAY programme, applied to Kenyan governance and tax.

Improved media coverage and debate in Kenya

Panos London's Relay Programme Manager, Annie Hoban, talks about a new case study that shows how researchers and journalists worked together to talk tax and governance in Kenya.

From soldier to civilian: the challenge of reintegration

Overview Armed conflict is an all too familiar theme for journalists in many parts of Africa and Asia. But what happens when the fighting stops? Do people just put down their guns and go home? Do they even have homes to go to? And how will they make a living and support their families? The…

Communication at the heart of change

Communication at the heart of change explains the essential role that information and communication plays in development.

The forgotten of war

In 1993 fighting and unrest led to as many as 250,000 ethnic Georgians being expelled from Abkhazia, a region which declared independence from Georgia in 1992, causing them to become refugees and internally displaced people.

At the heart of change

Belonging to a cooperative group gives these women in Cameroon the chance to communicate their views more widely. Sustainable development demands that people participate in the debates and decisions that affect their lives / Giacomo Pirozzi - Panos Pictures

In this landmark publication Panos London sets out our vision for the role of communication in long-term, sustainable development.

Good choice: the right to sexual and reproductive health

Access to sexual and reproductive health services is vital in preventing unnecessary  deaths of men and women. Yet around the world, governments and health organisations do not prioritise spending on these services.


Good choice: the right to sexual and reproductive health