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Climate change

One of the major challenges facing people affected by environmental change, campaigners and decision-makers is a lack of information.


The Millennium Development Goals aim to halve the number of people in the world living in extreme poverty by 2015. But questions often surround commitments to fairer policies on debt, aid and trade, and progress towards the goals in many low-income countries is slow.

Public health

Panos London has a 20-year record of innovative communication work in the field of HIV and AIDS. We will continue this work, but also use our insights and experience to address other public health issues.

Information society

We live in a world in which exchanges, flows and consumption of information are central to everything. But many people do not have access to new technologies or essential knowledge.

Human security and migration

Panos London has started working on human security and migration projects which will provide communities with greater opportunities to debate constructively and peacefully the issues that lead to polarisation, racism, violence and extremism.

Communicating research

Our work around communicating research bridges the gaps that prevent important policy-related research findings from reaching wider audiences and influencing policy decisions.

Panos London works across a range of critical development issues, using our expertise in communication to address the situation.