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CCMP Fellowship programme 2012 is open for applications

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Press Release: Application Process for CCMP Fellowship programme 2012 is now open until closing on 29 May, 23:59 GMT.

The Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP) is proud to announce the launch of a Fellowship program that will send journalists to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Doha (COP18) in late 2012. The Fellowships are open predominantly to journalists from developing countries, but journalists from the US and Russia are also welcome to apply.

Formed in 2007 by Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN), Panos London and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), the CCMP has brought developing country journalists to the annual UN climate summits for the past five years. This has enabled them to cover the summit for their home media organizations, work with experienced and knowledgeable journalists from around the world, and gain a multifaceted understanding of climate change’s global impact. Numerous regional organizations also play a supporting role in the partnership.

As part of the fellowships, the CCMP will cover travel, lodging and daily subsistence expenses, arrange press accreditation at COP18, and provide other support services. The Fellows will benefit from a series of specially designed activities, including an orientation session, breakfast briefings, a field trip and a media clinic.

To be eligible for this fellowship applicants must be:

  • A journalist from the developing world, USA or Russia
  • Able to illustrate passion and commitment to reporting on climate change issues
  • Able to travel to Doha, Qatar to arrive no later than 29th November 2012 and leave no later than 8th December 2012
  • Have proven support from an editor, producer or supervisor

The CCMP fully respects the editorial independence of all journalists. Throughout the conference, Fellows are free to report as they see fit. As well as the requirements above we ask that journalists agree to provide copies or summaries of all the stories they file during COP18 for posting on our websites and that they show collegial attitude towards other Fellows. One of the main benefits of this program will be the opportunity for Fellows to exchange views and information with their journalistic peers from around the world.

Criteria for evaluating applicants will include the prospective Fellow’s demonstrated interest in climate change issues; their audience; and the ability of the Fellowship to provide an opportunity for those journalists who might not otherwise have a chance to cover such events. Fellows represent a diverse range of experience and regions, though a primary goal of this program is to reach audiences – particularly marginalized communities – who are currently underserved when it when it comes to climate information.

At the moment, the CCMP has funding to bring a small number of Fellows, but is actively working to increase support in order to increase those numbers. In addition to selecting the initial slate of Fellows, targeted to be announced in September a waitlist will also be created to select additional journalists if more funding becomes available.

Applicants are required to submit an application before the May 29, 2012 deadline. We expect to announce the winners of the Fellowships in September. To apply for a fellowship please submit an application on the online registration form.

To contact the CCMP please use the following information:

International Institute for Environment & Development:
Mike Shanahan, Press Officer

Earth Journalism Network, Internews:
Morgan Williams, Project Manager

Tia Jeewa, Senior Press & Communication Officer

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