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At the desert’s edge

Based on interviews with over 500 men and women from eight Sahelian countries – including farmers, fishermen, nomads and refugees – this is a unique collection of knowledge about changing ecological conditions, conservation and agricultural practices, traditional medicines and social relationships.

“In the 1980s, western media coverage generated awareness and concern for the victims of drought in the Sahel and spurred massive fundraising efforts. For the first time, some of the recipients of this international philanthropy speak out about their lives.” African Urban Quarterly, Kenya

“This is a book replete with Sahelian wisdom, ancient and modern… The results bring us generations of knowledge, customs strange and wonderful, tales of drought and misery, and also perceptions of Africa in its modern phase of change and development.” The Guardian Weekly, United Kingdom




Chapter 7: Chad (2.2 mb)

Chapter 8: Sudan (2.9 mb)

Chapter 6: Niger (2.5 mb)

Glossary / Botanical glossary / Index (1.2 mb)

Chapter 9: Ethiopia (1.8 mb)

Chapter 1: The Sahel oral history project (1.6 mb)

Chapter 4: Mali (2.3 mb)

Chapter 5: Burkina Faso (2.7 mb)

Preface (300 kb)

Chapter 2: Mauritania (3.2 mb)

Chapter 3: Senegal (2.1 mb)