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Growing pains

Authors Anthony Swift and Stanford Maher bring together engaging personal stories and first-hand experiences from South Africa on the effect of HIV and AIDS on young children.

The book reveals the wider policies and practice that are currently falling short of the much needed support to those impacted by poverty and AIDS. It goes beyond government frameworks to explore the grassroots interventions and effective community responses that are providing crucial "circles of support" for vulnerable families and children.

About the authors

Anthony Swift is a widely travelled writer and journalist who reports on the experiences of marginalised people. He has worked for prominent development funding charities in the UK and as an investigative reporter in South Africa during part of the apartheid years. He is author of Children for Social Change and Working Children Get Organised, among other publications.

Stanford Maher lives in Cape Town and has been a newspaper reporter in sub-Saharan Africa since 1959. He has tended to focus on the voiceless in society. In the 1970s he worked for the Africa Bureau of the Rand Daily Mail. More recently he has additionally worked as a teacher in child-centred education and as a trainer of teachers in disadvantaged communities.


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