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Journalists on climate change (part 2)

Journalists at the 2008 UN Climate Change Summit in Poznan speak about how climate change is affecting their home countries and how their work can help.

Patrick Dambula, Journalist – Malawi

Patrick explains how rain patterns have changed in Malawi, which has affected agriculture and how his fellowship at the Poznan conference will help build his scientific knowledge.

Miguel de Alba, Blogger – Mexico

Miguel has been following the discussions around adaptation and mitigation closely to see what the Mexican delegates can learn in order to protect vulnerable regions of the country.

Navin Singh Khadka, Journalist – Nepal

Navin explains how understanding of climate change is limited in his country, whilst citizens are already being affected by it.

Nicolas Landa Tami, Video Journalist – Peru

Nicolas explains how Peruvian agriculture is being affected by climate change.


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