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Journalists on climate change (part 1)

Journalists at the 2008 UN Climate Change Summit in Poznan speak about how climate change is affecting their home countries and how their work can help.

Annabel Fuller – Antigua

Annabel talks about how the oceans around Antigua have been impacted by climate change and how she hopes her work as a journalist can help keep Antiguans better informed about the environment.

Gustavo Bonato, TV reporter – Brazil

Gustavo is using his own experience of flooding in Southern Brazil to highlight the effects of climate change, but he still wants to know what farmers can do to mitigate its impacts.

Daniela Chiaretti, Reporter – Brazil

Daniela is frustrated by the difficulties of covering the conference as a journalist but enjoys the visit to a local coal mine to see mass energy consumption first-hand.

Sokhoeun Khut, Reporter and producer – Cambodia

Sokhoeun explores adaptation to climate change and what it will mean for the people of his home country in Cambodia.

Ke Xu, Reporter – China

Ke has learnt that the Chinese delegation is looking to push developed countries to cut their emissions targets, but progress is limited, so far.


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