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Listening for a change

This report challenges everyone in the aid world to listen to the individual voices of the people at the heart of development.

It is written for anyone working with communities in the collection and dissemination of first-hand testimony, but above all for policymakers, practitioners and students of social and economic development.

“A must-read for all organisations and individual scholars involved in development programs and/or relief work in developing countries.”

Canadian Journal of Development Studies

“The richness of the book lies in its handling of oral testimony, and the variety of private and community voices… Individual case studies are worked in beautifully… this is a fine book.”

Memories of Partition Journal, India


Listening for a Change - Chap 4

Listening for a Change - Chap 5

Listening for a Change - Chap 6

Listening for a Change - Chaps 1-2

Listening for a Change - Chap 3