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Miracle or Menace? Biotech and the Third World

As the internal combustion engine and electricity transformed life in the 20th
century, so revolutionary advances in biotechnology will have an equally profound effect for the 21st century.

These advances have vastly increased our power to manipulate the living
environment providing opportunities for boosting food production and conquering disease. Biotechnology could provide 28 new vaccines in the next decade alone, and a reduction in the use of fertilisers, pesticides and other chemicals in agriculture could all lead to better global living standards. Biotechnology promises a changed future, particularly for countries in the Third World. It could help to raise living standards – or it could add still further to the poverty gap which exists between developed and developing countries.

Miracle or Menace? Biotechnology and the Third World describes, objectively
and dispassionately, what biotechnology is, spells out its implications for
developing countries, and asks in whose interest it is being developed . In plain language it explains the science behind the new developments and examines the implications, good and bad, for people now and in the next century.

“Miracle or Menace? is unique in combining simple yet authoritative descriptions of the latest gene splicing and associated techniques with crisp vignettes of biotechnology projects throughout the world and a sensitive account of economic and global perspectives.”
– Dr Bernard Dixon, European contributing editor to Bio/Technology and former editor of New Scientist.


Miracle or Menace