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Private decisions, public debate

Fifteen journalists from Africa, Asia and Latin America present the views of ordinary men and women and report on subjects as diverse as son preference, female genital mutilation, unauthorised sterilisations, untreated STDs, HIV infection, and the influence of Catholicism and Islam – all of which affect reproductive decision-making.

This report offers a critique of family planning programmes that ignore concerns and social realities, which can either constrain or enhance women’s opportunities to control their own lives.

” ..offers women-centred solutions to one of the world’s seemingly intractable problems: finding a balance between the private nature of reproduction and its public consequences.”

Frances Kissling, President, Catholics for a Free Choice

“These 15 developing country journalists hammer home an urgent message for policy makers and the public: reproductive health is a vital priority for the world’s women… and for sustainable development.” Fred Sai, Chairperson, National Population Council of Ghana

*Winner of Global Media Award for excellence in journalism*


Private Decisions Public Debate