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Start the press

African migrants in the UK are among the most vulnerable to HIV infection, accounting for the greatest number of new diagnoses in recent years. Being HIV positive can intensify experiences of stigma and marginalisation, apparent in inadequate living conditions, limited employment opportunities, and lack of visibility in policy decisions.

Stigmatising media coverage of African migrants can exacerbate the feelings of isolation and frequently prevents people from coming forward to access health services.

Start the press argues that by speaking out, people living with HIV and leaders among African communities can raise awareness of the discrimination they experience. HIV advocates can get to know the media and work with journalists to tell their stories on their own terms, spotlighting inaccurate and misleading coverage, and beginning to confront the stigma that exists on so many levels.




Start the press - language guide (130kb)

Start the press - media brief (160kb)

Start the press (660kb)