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Communicating research

Ghana: Taxation, what’s in it for me?

11/27/2009 | Isaac Tetteh

Ghana's government is keen to raise more income from tax. Over the past 30 years successive governments have tried to push through tax reforms but some have been violently opposed by the public, meaning the current government is taking a different approach.

Kenya: Taxing times for street hawkers

11/25/2009 | Eric Kadenge

Street hawkers face a daily battle with the authorities to sell their goods on the streets of Nairobi, finding themselves on the wrong side of the law as the Kenyan government tries to bring informal vendors into the mainstream economy.

Kenya: Taxpayers fight back

11/20/2009 | Michael Omondi

Documents revealing how MPs were spending taxes led to outrage in Kenya and helped ensure some of the country’s worst-offending MPs were not re-elected. Tax-payers are increasingly demanding to know how their money is being spent, helping to reduce corruption and mis-management of funds by MPs

Sorting fact from fiction: Improving media reporting on TB

09/02/2009 | Panos London

Nearly 10 years after the launch of an international effort to tackle the global health  emergency, TB remains one of the world’s major causes of death.

Sparking debate – the Spark project

09/25/2008 | Rob Safar

Spark logo

The Spark project was an effort to bring together the experiences of professionals around the world working with HIV and AIDS patients. In a series of lunchtime discussions, we tackled a range of issues that hinder the progress of HIV and AIDS treatment in the developing world.

Better connected – empowering people through communications technology

02/05/2008 | Panos London

New communications technologies have the potential to improve millions of lives. But issues around access, ownership and cost may mean that relatively few individuals benefit. 

At the heart of change

09/01/2007 | Panos London

Belonging to a cooperative group gives these women in Cameroon the chance to communicate their views more widely. Sustainable development demands that people participate in the debates and decisions that affect their lives / Giacomo Pirozzi - Panos Pictures

In this landmark publication Panos London sets out our vision for the role of communication in long-term, sustainable development.

Common ground? Investigating the importance of managing land

04/21/2007 | Panos London

Research shows that people’s capacity to access and use land is important for economic growth, for poverty reduction, and for promoting both private investment and transparent, accountable government. Governments have a responsibility to establish systems which ensure access to land and housing for

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